I will no longer be maintaining this blog but I will be maintaining my blog Pin Tangle which is about textiles and textile practice

Lid of Blogwell has written a very good intro/primer to the basics of HTML in HTML for Bloggers.  The topic is tackled from the angle of a novice blogger so I am sure many people will find it useful. 

10 Photoshop Techniques You Can’t Work Without has some great productivity tips

As Usual Brusheezy has a number of new free photoshop brushes. 

There is also great slate texture pack from High Resolution Textures 

The Stroke Panel is a good tutorial for anyone starting out with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Published by a new blogger klethegr8 this tutorial is well explained and illustrated with step by step screenshots. The corners of objects and aligning the stroke are two topics that are particularly well covered. Dont let the teen-ish name of klethegr8 put you off it’s a good blog and well worth exloring further.

Today we are introducing the first year students to tricks that make their digital life easier.

The Term Life Hack was popularised by a blog Life Hacker

Wikipedia covers the history of the term life hack but the term has developed to mean productivity tricks, personal organization, and efficient work processes

The advantages of working within a browser.

Carrying work back and forth between the computer labs and home computers leads to multiple copies of files on thumb drives and other storage devices.This is not the case if handled within a browser.

You can also share documents

Google Docs in Plain English produced by Commoncraft.

With Google Docs & Spreadsheets you can store, and edit your work from any web connected computer. The service is free and you don’t require to install any software on your computer

Zoho offers spreadsheets, word processing, presentation tools, planning tools and note taking tools. All are useful for students, free and browser based.


You can store images online using sites like Flickr. Not only can you store your images online but on Flickr you can annotate and discuss your images as well as tag them so that they can be found by other users.

Picasa is a goggle Web app for hosting photos.

RSS Readers

Using an RSS reader is a efficient way to consume web content if you have problems with ‘keeping up’ with new material that is being published RSS can solve the problem.

RSS in Plain English produced by Commoncraft.

Personalised online start pages

A personalised online start page stores links to all the sites you use regularly on one page.

These services usually offer a way to check your web based email, your RSS feed, a search function, a variety of web services like your Del.icio.us account or Flickr account.

There are numerous excellent “blogging tips” sites such as Daily blog Tips and  Blog well. If you are a beginner there are sites like Blogging Basics 101. Also don’t over look the blog tips that the blog monetizing sites such as Problogger and  Performancing.com as these often offer great advice on promoting and developing your blog which you can apply even if you do not want monetize it.  There are also blogs about blogging such as Copyblogger, and Lorelle on WordPress and others such as Chris Brogan on using social media.

Blogs for artists, designers and crafters offer tips on selling your art online, such as Art Biz Blog or Art Print Issues and there is is Original Impulse too. For more general information take a look at the new FreshBlogTips

Danny Dover of SEOmoz has examined The Internet’s Top Blogs in order to learn from their success. His graphs say much and in looking for recurring themes Danny Dover has produced some interesting a useful research about what successful blog have in common.
Also the spreadsheets are available from the site, so you can pour over them yourself, see patterns and make correlations

A new set of free  Decorative Floral Brushes by Pixels & IceCream has been released

Paul W has released 25 Grunge brushes for Photoshop over on Brusheezy

Also on Brusheezy is a bunch of Photoshop brushes created by V Wake that include postage stamps, graphs, diagrams and interesting ephemera

Obsidian Dawn has also released a collection of brushes in the star shapes

A one minute introduction to Google Reader announced on the commoncraft blog The movie is available on YouTube

Also Google Docs in Plain English explains clearly and simply how to create and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations and why you might find this useful. The movie is available on YouTube


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