Jason Kaneshiro offers some excellent advice in Navigating The Five Stages Of Blogging Fatigue Jason states that comments left by readers, responding to pieces written on blogs in his own blog, setting internal goals, pre-writing and writing a series of posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, writing honestly about the issue are all methods he suggests to beat blogging fatigue which can eventually lead to abandonment.

One technique I have learnt from my experience on my other blog In a Minute Ago would fall under his category of giving something back.

I have found that issuing a challenge will lift my spirits and I will shift from being lethargic about blogging to energised in the space of about 48 hours. For instance currently on my other blog I run a weekly challenge for stitchers. It keeps my energy levels up as I watch people week in and week out take up the challenge. My cure for the blogging blues is to become more active on all fronts. I comment more – respond more to the community and give more because I have discovered that if I do that I get the sort of positive feedback I need to prevent me from chucking it in.

I was shaping this piece when I encountered Lorelle VanFossen’s piece Is Your Blog Reactive or Proactive? Lorelle describes two types of bloggers one who reacts to news and the other who is proactive and shapes a conversation. My two blogs could be seen as examples of both. In a Minute Ago is proactive, highly satisfying to work on and has a regular readership.

This blog on the other hand is often reactive not in the sense that I rush to get some newsy tit bit out but often I am simply highlighting resources for students. To put this in context, I fall into the blogging blues at times when I have a routine of too many posts that simply link to resources or news.

As a teacher I am always digging out resources and links that I hope students will find of interest this blog particularly falls into that trap. It’s easily done particularly when pushed for time but the habit can lead to little investment in building a blog. I have found if I do this too much there is little room to be proactive and move the process to next level. That said I would say finding a proactive way to contribute to the community other than my students is the way to ditch the blogging blues particularly with this blog.
Anybody out there that has a few tips on avoiding the blogging blues? Leave a comment I would love your thoughts