With the new year there is numerous articles about blogs, blogging, starting blogs, improving blogs, using blogs, increasing readership of blogs etc. I too am reading articles, as in Australia students will be returning to study at the start of the new academic year. So I am taking note of articles I can point students too.

To set this in context for readers who are just swinging by, this blog is mainly written for my face to face visual arts students who take part in course run out of the Computer Art Studio at the School of Art which is part of the Australian National University. The course focuses on using the web to promote their work created in their studio/workshop as artists and designers. Part of the course I teach looks at blogs as a means of developing a professional network and self promotion.

So at the moment I am treating this blog like a note book these are a few articles I have found that I think students will find useful or of interest.

These two articles on Blogging Consistency and Posting frequency from I Blog You Blog offer good advice

Jason Kaneshiro on The Blog Herald has published a list of 25 Blog Improvement Tips For The New Year

For those that are new to blogging there is plenty of blogs on blogging Blogging Basics 101 is really useful and the sections contain many useful tutorials and tips. One of my favourite blogs on blogging is Lorelle on WordPress who consistently populates her blog with good articles.