Blogs that both dish out tips and advice on blogging numerous and I am doing a bit of a round up for my next class.

Lorrelle on WordPress is a regular must read for me as not a week goes by without something being published on her blog that is either useful or thoughtful. Lorrelle’s ongoing series on blogging resources keeps me coming back and this week she has been examining checking the facts in the process of researching an article

Daily Blog Tips is what it says delivering tips daily on running and writing a blog. In the recent piece Hold Tight, It Will Only Get Easier it points out  that blogging becomes easier over time and offers advice on dealing with feeling discouraged

Blogging Basics 101 is written for those who are new to blogging and Chilihead and Shannon actively encourage questions. With a tagline “where there are no stupid questions” they are approachable and since they answer questions clearly readers can pick up all sorts of tips by browsing their blog.