May 2008

Copyright is a big issue for anyone online. If you want to discover sites that are “Stealing your content” go to Copyscape and type in your URL. Results will reveal anyone who has copied your content. The site also tells you how to defend your copyrights.

The latest issue of Bonefolder is out. (I know I am a little late with the news but I only got to down load and read it this weekend)

For anyone interested in the book arts, artists books, book binding or the paper arts this online mag is well worth downloading as it is presented as a PDF file.

If you are not aware of this publication browse the back issues they are all of high quality and of interest.

You can make sure that Google is indexing your images correctly by going to the Google search page, and click on the “Images” link on the top to take you to the Image Search. In the search bar type ““. The results will be the images that google has indexed as coming from your site.

If you enjoy learning software via video tutorials Adobe TV should be just your thing as you can learn by seeing a demonstration and following along. Needless to say presenters are experts from Adobe covering the company products

You will need Adobe® Flash® Player 9 and broadband to view them. However they can also be viewed in the Adobe Media Player. Since episodes are downloaded to your desktop this means those on slower connections can view the videos.

Adobe has a number of Dreamweaver tutorials and support materials on their site. Some of the material is good but students should be aware that Adobe houses tutorials for earlier versions of the software too.

How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS3 (Part 1) from Christopher Heng is another Dreamweaver tutorial which shows you how to set up a working website with multiple pages, including a main page, a feedback form, an About Us page, and a Site Map.

Enthos web has a Free Dreamweaver Tutorial section which is worth checking out

Vineyar Designs has provided some Dreamweaver CS 3 tutorials including setting up your site

Smashing magazine put together a huge list of Dreamweaver tutorials

Guides and have a number of CS3 tutorials

Yesterday I noticed that the Google logo has combined with a Jeff Koons image. Investigating this further lead me to a gallery of iGoogle Artist themes.

Looking further I discovered photographers (Stanley Wong), cartoonists (Micheal Leunig), new media artists (John Maeda) and entertainers (the Wiggles!) and more.

Oh no she thinks to herself now I have to decide which one I want to use … perhaps …

I have just realised that I am assuming everyone knows what iGoogle is. If you are unsure info about creating a very handy start page with iGoogle is here

Have you ever thought about the future of books? This repurposed book made me stop and think a moment. The screenshot is taken from Kyle Bean‘s site who describes herself as a illustrator, designer and maker of ‘things’. Pop over as there is some great stuff to see there.

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