June 2008

Life is a little busy as we are heading into our assessment period. I can’t quite believe  that first Semester is over , marking work from that and we are planning the next. Where did the first half of the year go! Anyway things may be a bit sparodic for a little while.

Design Meltdown regularly highlights good design solutions on different types of websites. Recently they highlighted a number of Portfolio sites my students may find inspirational

Also Chris Nielsen is a digital illustrator who uses Illustrator heavily. Sean Hodge of Aiburn interviewed Chris Nielsen about his work, his process and his use of the Adobe CS3 suite particularly Illustrator

I have not written about Second Life lately. I am still in world just not blogging it so much. The other night by accident I discovered Aussie artist Ritchey Sealy who also has a gallery in world.

After checking out his profile I learned from his blog that Ritchey Sealy lives in Broulee on the south coast of NSW, has won a number of awards and his work is held by the Queensland State Gallery.

This ten-minute keynote about “What Google Knows About Spam ” delivered by Matt Cutts covers a number of key issues about spam and how to avoid web spam on your site.

PowerSet is a new search tool that uses the semantics of natural language, in other words it is a search based on semantics. In order to demonstrate the concept and highlight the service currently a search can be applied only to Wikipedia articles.

My few experiments resulted in finding relevant information in the right context. You can use search terms, ask a question or type in part of a sentence and offers some elegant options. (There is also a video demo and a PowerSet Blog ) I guess it is one more step forward for the Semantic web because if search takes this type of turn clear content organization is going to be very important.

The publications of lists are a bit of fad online at the moment but there is something about a list that makes you fee in control. Even if you never work your way through all of it! So here are a couple of lists that have caught my eye lately

As we are constantly told web users have short attention spans so speed and performance can make or break a website. The Webmaster’s Turbo Kit is a collection tips to speed up your website. Advice on images, CSS and html is listed but I found the references section of the article to be of most use.

Another useful list from Inside CRM is 101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site.

Here are 100 Web Accessibilty Resources to use to make your website or blog more accessible. This compilation of tools, tips and tutorials has to be the best collection of resources on this topic I have seen online. I just have to work through them all myself!


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