Today we are introducing the first year students to tricks that make their digital life easier.

The Term Life Hack was popularised by a blog Life Hacker

Wikipedia covers the history of the term life hack but the term has developed to mean productivity tricks, personal organization, and efficient work processes

The advantages of working within a browser.

Carrying work back and forth between the computer labs and home computers leads to multiple copies of files on thumb drives and other storage devices.This is not the case if handled within a browser.

You can also share documents

Google Docs in Plain English produced by Commoncraft.

With Google Docs & Spreadsheets you can store, and edit your work from any web connected computer. The service is free and you don’t require to install any software on your computer

Zoho offers spreadsheets, word processing, presentation tools, planning tools and note taking tools. All are useful for students, free and browser based.


You can store images online using sites like Flickr. Not only can you store your images online but on Flickr you can annotate and discuss your images as well as tag them so that they can be found by other users.

Picasa is a goggle Web app for hosting photos.

RSS Readers

Using an RSS reader is a efficient way to consume web content if you have problems with ‘keeping up’ with new material that is being published RSS can solve the problem.

RSS in Plain English produced by Commoncraft.

Personalised online start pages

A personalised online start page stores links to all the sites you use regularly on one page.

These services usually offer a way to check your web based email, your RSS feed, a search function, a variety of web services like your Del.icio.us account or Flickr account.

This ten-minute keynote about “What Google Knows About Spam ” delivered by Matt Cutts covers a number of key issues about spam and how to avoid web spam on your site.

Yesterday I noticed that the Google logo has combined with a Jeff Koons image. Investigating this further lead me to a gallery of iGoogle Artist themes.

Looking further I discovered photographers (Stanley Wong), cartoonists (Micheal Leunig), new media artists (John Maeda) and entertainers (the Wiggles!) and more.

Oh no she thinks to herself now I have to decide which one I want to use … perhaps …

I have just realised that I am assuming everyone knows what iGoogle is. If you are unsure info about creating a very handy start page with iGoogle is here

Flickr now has video. If you are a pro member, you can now share videos. See where it was announced here and they have an interesting definition of video as being a long photo

On another note its mid term break so I will not be around for a week or so

The Powerhouse Museum has joined the Commons on Flickr. Drawing on images from the Tyrrell Collection the museum have put a couple of hundred early photographs online. These are significant examples of early Australian photography so its great to see them out in the open. The Powerhouse on Flickr managed to sidetrack me wonderfully for an hour or so! I could not resist this early image of Darling Harbour in Sydney. It’s interesting to see the landscape yet to be dressed in some of much loved national icons.

Thanks to Fresh and Newer for the news and doing the work which you can read about here

ArtCloud is a free service which aims to bring the benefits of online social networking to artists. You can put your folio online, explore and discover art and artists that interest you, share what you find with friends, add art events to your personal calendar and you can also create interest groups to share information and work.

It is free, browser based and the site is easy to use. You can release your work at what level copyright you choose and provides access to Creative Commons license.

Sketchcast is a service that enables you to record a drawing with or without audio and then embed the movie on your blog or website.

Sketchcast is a type of drawing tool which allows you to communicate ideas as you would if you were sharing it on the back of an envelope, which is browser based, easy to use and free.

You have to register an account, log in to the site and click the “Create” link on the top menu and you are away.

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