Peachpit often provide sample chapters of their books. The site houses such items as a sample chapter on using the Bridge in CS3 and the Photoshop Reference Guide by Matt Kloskowski houses a number of video tutorials. Unlock the True Power of Illustrator by Mastering Vectors written by Mordy Golding focuses on the pen tool. These are a few of the resources to be found at Peachpit so do explore a little particularly the blog

Obsidian Dawn has released some new distressed brushes and I also discovered these 26 Silhouette brushes of people for Adobe Photoshop.

I came across this Photoshop tutorial on Creating A Cool Vintage Collage Design

There are also 10 high res brushes “Messy Spraypaint” brushes from Bittbox and there is some new free vector graphics this time it’s flowers!

Nenodesign made a great find in a garage sale and has scanned the part of a collection of design motifs from a copy right free publication on design

In the process of creating a simple tools icon Veerle demonstrates the use of the Pathfinder and Align tools in Illustrator and has a new tutorial on the Pucker and Bloat Effect

On the tutorial blog you can find out how Make Repeating Seamless Tile Backgrounds with Photoshop which led me to Pixblix which houses ‘useful web graphics’

The latest edition of the Adobe Magazine is available for download. If design students have not  encountered  this  free mag it is a 30-40 page PDF loaded with good articles on design trends and how top designers use Adobe software.


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