Lid of Blogwell has written a very good intro/primer to the basics of HTML in HTML for Bloggers.  The topic is tackled from the angle of a novice blogger so I am sure many people will find it useful. 

10 Photoshop Techniques You Can’t Work Without has some great productivity tips

As Usual Brusheezy has a number of new free photoshop brushes. 

There is also great slate texture pack from High Resolution Textures 

The Stroke Panel is a good tutorial for anyone starting out with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Published by a new blogger klethegr8 this tutorial is well explained and illustrated with step by step screenshots. The corners of objects and aligning the stroke are two topics that are particularly well covered. Dont let the teen-ish name of klethegr8 put you off it’s a good blog and well worth exloring further.

Vectips has published a tutorial on how to create your own brushes in Illustrator

Bittbox has been drawing decorative elements and released two sets of hand drawn ornaments as EPS or SVG files. Also on Bittbox is an Illustrator CS3 tip on how to load brush libraries faster and a tutorial on how to make a grungy paper texture from scratch

Also there are some free acrylic Photoshop brushes from Shoreways

There is a paisley Photoshop brush and a handwriting brush available from

Stephanie of Obsidian Dawn had released some brushes of Floral Patterns to be used in conjunction with her Flower Vectors Photoshop Brushes set. Also dont miss her Celtic Vector brushes

Vector tuts is anew vector and Illustrator tutorial site

Obsidian Dawn has released some new distressed brushes and I also discovered these 26 Silhouette brushes of people for Adobe Photoshop.

I came across this Photoshop tutorial on Creating A Cool Vintage Collage Design

There are also 10 high res brushes “Messy Spraypaint” brushes from Bittbox and there is some new free vector graphics this time it’s flowers!

Nenodesign made a great find in a garage sale and has scanned the part of a collection of design motifs from a copy right free publication on design

In the process of creating a simple tools icon Veerle demonstrates the use of the Pathfinder and Align tools in Illustrator and has a new tutorial on the Pucker and Bloat Effect

On the tutorial blog you can find out how Make Repeating Seamless Tile Backgrounds with Photoshop which led me to Pixblix which houses ‘useful web graphics’

Vector Guru has produced a tutorial on how to create a Retro styled background using Illustrator

Track 6 Design has published a tutorial on how to create textures in Vector images using Illustrator

Smashing magazine has created a Best of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials list. I have yet to check out all of the tutorials but what I have investigated looks good

Joanna Dacko has an intermediate level video Tutorial which is an Introduction to Smart Objects In Photoshop
This video tutorial from the Adobe Design Center demonstrates How to use the Live trace and Live Paint tools

Another video tutorial which demonstrates how to convert images to PDF using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and then how to protect them using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8

3DTotal has collated a collection of 100 Photoshop tutorials. Pass your cursor over the thumbnails for a full description of what the tutorial covers.

Digital Arts has featured a CS3 tutorial on Exporting Illustrator layouts to Flash

Featured on Designer Today Beatriz Mariniello has written a tutorial on Scaling an object but not its stroke in Adobe Illustrator

Brusheezy has featured 15 Scratch Splat Grunge brushes for Photoshop  is a design centered blog that provides links to free icons, brushes and shapes, tutorials, vector graphics, patterns and the like.

Bittbox has released some free vector tree Silhouettes

Brusheezy has pointed to a set of  Branches and Foliage Photoshop brushes

Paul Lasaine has produced a Photoshop Brush Tutorial is a Photoshop resources website, which offer a large collection of free photoshop styles, shapes and gradient presets

Blend Photos With Apply Image is a tutorial that explains how to use the Apply image feature in Photoshop
” Apply Image allows us to blend, or “apply”, a layer and channel from one image with a layer and channel of another image. It’s similar to using layer blend modes to blend layers together in the Layers palette, with the added ability to blend individual channels together as well. This not only gives us much more control over how the images are blended, but also opens up far more creative possibilities and gives us better overall results.”

Russell Proulx has a tutorial on how to create a customized Photoshop Web Photo Gallery using HTML Styles

I also found fractal brushes on

There is also a selection of free Photoshop brushes at

Over on Brusheezy there is free Vector Grunge brushes

This week on Bittbox another free set of vectors this time in the shape of stars

An incredibly useful feature in Photoshop, is the Image Processor as this feature allows you to automatically output multiple copies of an image in different formats. Ben Long has written Get Better Output With Photoshop’s Automate And Scripts Menus, which walks you through automating Photoshop.

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple rollover button in Photoshop.

Tommy Maloney in Top 7 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity highlights his most used Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. This is ideal beginners tutorial.


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