Plagiarism Today has published an interesting CCS technique to counter or at least frustrate anyone who is scraping your site. Check out the article Using CSS to Thwart Content Theft.

Jonathan Bailey of the Blog Herald has written and excellent article about some of the issues to consider when looking of a host in 10 Rules for Finding Good Domain Hosting

Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz have listed their Top Ten Web Typography Sins

Over on the Blog Herald Jonathan Bailey has written a good article on 5 Content Theft Myths and Why they are False. Bailey’s 5 myths are:

  • There’s Nothing I Can Do About It
  • It Takes Too Long to Handle
  • I need a Lawyer To Do Anything
  • I Can’t Do Anything If The Plagiarist Is In Another Country
  • At Least They Linked To Me

These five can all be countered and should be. Check out the article to be better informed on this subject.

Related to this topic is a new worry that Lorelle of Lorelle on WordPress has pointed to in her article on Spammers stealing blog content  It is well worth reading too!

Jonathan Bailey writes Plagiarism Today, is a blog which podcasts information about plagiarism, content theft and copyright issues on the Web. Great to listen to while working in the studio

When ever I speak about blogs and blogging to visual artists one of the first concerns they have is the possibility of their work being “ripped off”. I don’t think I have ever delivered a lecture or lab session without it coming up. For anyone working in the visual arts it is a very real concern.
Over on tenforty Deb has written a good article on do’s and don’ts of blogging and how to combat plagerism.

What do I tell my students and colleagues? I tell them it will happen but there are ways to combat it to a degree. I point them to Copyscape and thier guide to responding to plagerism page, but in the same breath point out that the benefits of a visual artist blogging as part of a strategy to establish a career far out weigh the problem of content theft.

Thanks for the link goes to Lorelle on Wordress who has her own take on it here.


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