Lid of Blogwell has written a very good intro/primer to the basics of HTML in HTML for Bloggers.  The topic is tackled from the angle of a novice blogger so I am sure many people will find it useful. 

10 Photoshop Techniques You Can’t Work Without has some great productivity tips

As Usual Brusheezy has a number of new free photoshop brushes. 

There is also great slate texture pack from High Resolution Textures 

The Stroke Panel is a good tutorial for anyone starting out with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Published by a new blogger klethegr8 this tutorial is well explained and illustrated with step by step screenshots. The corners of objects and aligning the stroke are two topics that are particularly well covered. Dont let the teen-ish name of klethegr8 put you off it’s a good blog and well worth exloring further.

Bittbox has published a great tutorial on Complex Circular Design Techniques in Illustrator

VectorTuts has published Seven Helpful Techniques that Every Adobe Illustrator Artist Should Know. These tips by Jonathan are very helpful

Over on Brusheazy thre are some photoshop brushes in the shape of labels free to download

Over on High Resolution textures there are 7 high quality textures of drapery created by Danny C Boyce

Jared Rhizor of Nettuts has written a tutorial on how to Create a Photo Gallery with MooTools The tutorial is well written and covers a complex process. The interface produced allows browsing between thumbnails and the original-size images with ease. However it not dynamic which means all thumbnails are loaded when the gallery loads making it suitable for about 20-30 images only.

Obsidian Dawn has produced some new vector gear brushes for Photoshop

Pixels and Icecream is another 5 free high resolution floral brushes from Brusheezy

This tutorial from up240 teaches you how to create and save for future use Pattern & Swatches in Adobe Illustrator

Also from Bittbox is a Free High-Res Texture Pack: The Anatomy of a *Really* Old Book

Image * After describes itself as a free image collection from which you can use any image or texture from the site to use in your work, either personal or commercial.

Jonathan of has written up some great tips in  Seven Helpful Techniques That Every Adobe Illustrator Artist Should Know

If you enjoy learning software via video tutorials Adobe TV should be just your thing as you can learn by seeing a demonstration and following along. Needless to say presenters are experts from Adobe covering the company products

You will need Adobe® Flash® Player 9 and broadband to view them. However they can also be viewed in the Adobe Media Player. Since episodes are downloaded to your desktop this means those on slower connections can view the videos.

Adobe has a number of Dreamweaver tutorials and support materials on their site. Some of the material is good but students should be aware that Adobe houses tutorials for earlier versions of the software too.

How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS3 (Part 1) from Christopher Heng is another Dreamweaver tutorial which shows you how to set up a working website with multiple pages, including a main page, a feedback form, an About Us page, and a Site Map.

Enthos web has a Free Dreamweaver Tutorial section which is worth checking out

Vineyar Designs has provided some Dreamweaver CS 3 tutorials including setting up your site

Smashing magazine put together a huge list of Dreamweaver tutorials

Guides and have a number of CS3 tutorials

In Working with Illustrator ‘Art’ Brushes: Options and Adjustments several key points that effect the way you can use Illustrator “Art” brushes are covered. You can tweak many things to influence the way your “Art” brush stroke will take form. Stroke weight, scale strokes and effects, proportion and colour are all effects that are covered.

Obsidian Dawn has released some new distressed brushes and I also discovered these 26 Silhouette brushes of people for Adobe Photoshop.

I came across this Photoshop tutorial on Creating A Cool Vintage Collage Design

There are also 10 high res brushes “Messy Spraypaint” brushes from Bittbox and there is some new free vector graphics this time it’s flowers!

Nenodesign made a great find in a garage sale and has scanned the part of a collection of design motifs from a copy right free publication on design

In the process of creating a simple tools icon Veerle demonstrates the use of the Pathfinder and Align tools in Illustrator and has a new tutorial on the Pucker and Bloat Effect

On the tutorial blog you can find out how Make Repeating Seamless Tile Backgrounds with Photoshop which led me to Pixblix which houses ‘useful web graphics’


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